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This kit will replace a worn or lost carrier button in the 1894 marlin rifle. Kit includes plunger button, spring and e-clip.

All 1873 reproduction rifles are fitted with a 45- colt magazine tube from the factory regardless of caliber. When loading rounds into the 357 caliber rifles the bullets cannot align properly in the magazine tube due to the over -sized diameter of the factory tube. This staggered bullet effect will cause a slight hanging feel in your rifle making it OAL sensitive. This Alignment Kit will eliminate this issue. Our "NEW" bullet Alignment tubes are made from a super light carbon fiber base compound and are a perfect fit inside the factory tube but will NOT add weight to your rifle like other Alignment kits. These kits are cut for a 20" barrel rifle or 24" barrel rifle, but can be easily fitted to any shorter barrel length. Kits include a new stainless steel magazine spring and stainless steel follower. All kits are shipped with a 26 inch spring for the 24 inch kits. Once the kit is installed leave 3 inches of spring sticking out of the factory mag tube and trim the remaining amount off.



1873 Bullet Alignment Kit 


The new drop in "No Fit No Adjustment" trigger system is our latest addition to the Sure Hit product line. Each Sure Hit product is proudly USA made in our state of the art machine shop. This trigger system comes set up with a match grade upper sear and lower trigger that is custom tuned for a crisp trigger pull. Each trigger system has a small rebound trigger spring built in to keep the trigger from moving while being rapidly fired. This along with the dehorned corners will help eliminate the dreaded 1873 trigger bite.

1873 "No Bite" Trigger System

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Marlin 1894 Carrier Plunger Button