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The safety delete plug replaces the cross bolt safety in the Marlin rifle. With the safety delete plug you don't ever have to worry about accidentally hitting the safety during competition . The replacement gives the receiver a nice clean look without the protruding safety bar. These are available in blued and fit all Marlin rifles with cross bolt safetys.

Brass sight slips snuggly over your original Marbles style site that is on a 66, 73 or a Marlin. There are 2 different sizes. The Medium is for small far targets and the Large is for big and close. SASS Approved


Marlin Safety Delete Plug

The magazine follower replaces the factory orange plastic factory followers. Over time the cleaning solvents and everyday use will cause the plastic followers to crack and break. When this happens it will cause your magazine spring to stick inside the tube and not function. Stainless Steel - Fits All Calibers

Uberti 1873 Magazine Tube Follower

Sight - "Sure Hit" Rifle Sight