Sure Hit Sights

Replacement hammer spring for the Uberti 1873 rifle. This hammer spring is fully tuned and ready to drop in the rifle. Every spring is made to exactly the same precise measurements, therefore giving a more consistent feel from rifle to rifle.

Uberti 1873 Hammer Spring


Uberti 1873 Super Light Hammer Spring

Replacement hammer spring for the 1873 Uberti rifle. This spring is our Super Light version and is designed to considerably reduce the hammer drag feel when levering. This spring is fully tuned like our other competition springs. Our springs are made with the best spring steel available and heat treated for years of use. (Recommended spring for the one piece firing pin conversion

Marlin 1894 Stainless Steel One Piece Firing Pin

The one piece firing pin is made from solid stainless steel. This firing pin will allow better primer hits and is not prone to breakage like the factory two piece firing pins. When installed, the Marlin rifle can be dry fired without damage to the rifle. This one piece firing pin fits all 1894 Marlin rifle and calibers..



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