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These stainless steel mag springs prevent rust from building up in your lever action magazine tube. Over time the moisture will cause the factory metal spring to corrode and rust. When this happens it will prevent the spring from working freely to push the next round down the tube smoothly . These springs are shipped 26 inches long. When installing leave 3" sticking out of the factory mag tub and trim off the remaining amount of spring.

This replacement extractor is made in the USA of only the best spring steel. Unlike the "factory" two - piece, our extractor comes as one solid unit. These come fully tuned ready for drop in with NO fitting. These fit all pistol caliber 1894 rifles.

Mag Spring -Stainless Steel

Marlin 1894 "Sure Claw" Extractor

Picture 1 Use something to remove dirt,powder,grease from the blade

Picture 2 A strip of sand paper to rough up the sides of sight blade

Picture 3 Apply the retainer adhesive and wait 15mins to cure

Picture 4 Use a dremel, file, or sand paper to grid down to your POA

Sight - "Sure Hit" Pistol Sights (Pair)


This "Sure Hit" brass sight will easily fit right over your existing Single Action Pistol whether it be a Colt, Colt Clone or Ruger Vaquero (New or Old Model), USFA or Taylor. They provide a wider sight, making target aquisition extremely fast!


Sure Hit Sights